#2 The struggles of startups with Mark Leruste

It’s easy to just trudge along with blinders on while we avoid either taking the leap and jumping out of the security of a conventional career, or sometimes we avoid painful yet telling truths about who we really are and where we’re really going. Mark effortlessly navigates these difficult kinds of topics and pierces through all of the noise and chatter to really speak straight to your heart.

A bit of backstory about Mark, he spent nearly a decade in the corporate world and most recently was the Country Manager for the Movember Foundation in Europe, where he raised €2.8 million for men’s health in the fight against cancer. Now Mark is the founder and host of The Unconventionalists, a startup and podcast, where he delivers talks, workshops, and programming for purpose-driven leaders and organizations. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Mark starting in 2018 and consider him not just a client or a colleague, but also a mentor and a friend.

In this episode Mark kicks us off with a first time confession before diving into the stories that he and so many others bought into while he was still figuring out what his real  calling was. He shares a surprising twist about how to find financial freedom and we also talk about the world of being a first time parent.

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Time Stamps:

  • 5:05 - Mark makes a confession

  • 9:27 - The classic story we all buy into

  • 18:25 - What dream jobs sound like

  • 22:00 - What it feels like to quit your job and start a business

  • 26:00 - How to have financial freedom

  • 31:00 - Why you shouldn’t quit too quick

  • 36:25 - Why having kids changes everything

  • 43:57 - Mark’s favorite person in the world

  • 45:05 - The difference between happiness and joy

  • 49:15 - Mental health and purpose in the workplace




“Just the other day” by Kevin Cox