I grew up playing many different sports. I was what a student-athlete is meant to be - dedicated, devoted, and disciplined. As a varsity athlete, I managed to balance athletics, academics, work, and a social life. I had plans to compete in college until injuries kept me from performing at a high level. I even got great grades in high school until depression and a series of setbacks distracted me from my studies. With my athletic dreams slashed and my academic vigor dwindling I staggered into college hoping for a fresh start. However, unable to afford my first choice school, I transferred after one semester to start over yet again.

I know what it's like to feel lost, hopeless, and frustrated. There was hardly ever smooth sailing on my journey towards figuring it out, but eventually I learned to make room for imperfection, I connected with the right people, and I started making progress. I began coaching high school track and field and then moved on to coach DIII track and field at Springfield College. I graduated summa cum laude with my bachelor’s in psychology while serving as a youth mentor. I earned my M.Ed. in psychology with an athletic counseling specialization, began tutoring, and worked as an academic advisor. As someone who believes in the importance of mental health, I was invited to become a board member and podcast co-host for The Barbershop Group, a non-profit focused on creating safe spaces for men to discuss issues of mental health and wellbeing. To this day I compete athletically wherever I can and I make it a point to see the good in any situation.

During my journey I found great inspiration from my coaches, my teachers, and my peers. A coach of mine used to say that we were in the “improvement business”. I believe that means that there's always room for growth. That progress trumps perfection. That today we will invest in tomorrow. If you are reading this now, I believe that you are also in the improvement business. I encourage you to carry on with your ambitions and your goals because life is so much more meaningful when you dare to dream. Not to mention fulfilling when you realize those dreams. This mindset has carried me through trials and triumphs and has led me to where I am today.